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Lydia Trent


Born and raised on the North End of Detroit, Michigan Lydia was introduced to what would become her first love at the very young age of 7 years old. She was originally groomed in the kitchen by her great- grand mother, who she was named after. Her great- grand mother was a woman who was second generation from slavery, who taught her to cook from scratch, as Lydia got older her love for food grew strong. Lydia has travelled the world from the Caribbean Islands to Africa, Paris, parts of Italy Florence, and Milan and all around the United States. all before the age of fifteen years old.

She knew she wanted to become Chef, however that changed as Lydia became a teen mom and had to provide for her daughter she worked many jobs and for the State of Michigan for thirteen years as a Service Care Coordinator, however over those years Lydia never stopped her passion for cooking. She would still do Catering Events and provide food for people as that was her passion.

In 2008 Lydia decided to go to Culinary School where she was formally trained by Chef Angus Campbell a Master Chef and many more great Chefs at Secchia Culinary School. Since then she has been in the groove of things with food from every angle. Lydia is also certified in Holistic Eating as Lydia has also made great effort to stay connected with her Puerto Rican roots, so that she can combine the fusion of soul food and the influences of Puerto Rico into her food she calls it “nothing but love” Lydia, now professional helps people eat healthy and is a food consultant as this is not her job, but a way of life and she stands firmly on that.